PVH Reinforces Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

As we do each new year, we reaffirm in 2021 our commitment to drive fashion forward – for good. Even during the most unprecedented challenges and uncertainty, we’re proud of the ongoing dedication our associates across PVH demonstrate towards making positive impacts on our people, our communities and our planet. From the launch of  Tommy Hilfiger’s Make It Possible strategy, to major commitments and inroads in I&D  – our entire organization is working towards a sustainable, equitable future.

At PVH, we continue to recognize our responsibility as an industry leader to consider Corporate Responsibility throughout our strategic business decisions to have a positive effect on human rights and the environmental protection, advance inclusion and diversity efforts, and increase community engagement. Our success is not only measured by our business results but how we achieve them. Our accomplishments in 2020 reflect on the Power of PVH and the collaborative efforts of our associates around the world to make progress possible.

Visit Forward Fashion to explore our strategy and pillars behind the process below.  


Building Back Better for Everyone

In response to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on supply chain workers,  PVH joined together with industry peers, suppliers, NGOs, governments, and worker and employer representatives to create and endorse the  International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Call to Action to protect garment workers during the pandemic. 

We are proud to have delivered more than 2.5 million pieces of PPE and other protective products and via The PVH Foundation donated $2 million towards COVID-19 relief efforts. We have joined a number of our peers and partners in signing key statements of action to drive our collective recovery from COVID-19, including the UNGC’s “United Business and Governments to Recover Better.”

Collaboration for Climate Action 

Aimed at bringing our industry together to enact long-lasting change, PVH became a signatory of  RE100’s letter EU policymakers  calling for corporate renewables to be built into the EU’s COVID-19 economic stimulus package, as well as the UNGC’s “Business Ambition for 1.5°C Commitment Letter” and the “Statement from business leaders for renewed global cooperation,” – reaffirming our commitment to working alongside our peers to continue to make climate action a priority.  

Continuing our water stewardship efforts and the preservation of this invaluable resource, we joined our peers in the UNGC’s CEO Water Mandate in founding the Water Resilience Coalition, collaborating to ensure freshwater basins are able to consistently supply what’s needed for communities, businesses and the environment.  

Furthering this work, we recently endorsed “America Is All In,” calling for a national mobilization on climate and recovery as we mark the 5th Anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Increased Data Disclosure and Transparency 

In an effort to increase sustainability transparency, we expanded our inclusion and diversity (I&D) data disclosures, as well as data on single-use plastics and information on living wages in our supplier factories in our 12th annual Corporate Responsibility Report. PVH was recognized as one of  America’s 100 Most JUST Companies on Forbes and JUST Capital’s 2021 list, and ranked #12 on the Fashion Transparency Index – an annual ranking that scores global fashion brands and retailers based on how much information they disclose around their social and environmental policies, practices and impacts. 

Furthering Inclusion & Diversity Efforts 

In the face of the US social justice movement, we worked alongside our associates to reaffirm our longstanding commitment to creating a work environment that is inclusive for all. We launched a new initiative – Be BRAAVE – a global call-to-action campaign to support the Black community to advance PVH’s ongoing efforts to achieve equality and racial justice. The initiative’s three-pronged commitment focuses on listening, learning and action, and has been implemented alongside our long-term I&D strategy and the efforts of our dedicated I&D task force. 

Building upon this work, PVH, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger became founding signatories of the  Black In Fashion Council Pledge, committing to help secure the advancement of Black individuals in the fashion industry. We’re also proud to have joined  The Valuable 500 – a global movement of companies and leaders committed to putting disability inclusion on their business leadership agenda. 

PVH Corp. expanded its partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) on a DEI Report to better understand how our industry can be more diverse and equitable, with a particular focus on race and the topics of talent acquisition and retention. Our collective surveys will produce an industry-wide report – as well as recommendations on how PVH, our partners and our peers can improve workplace opportunity for all. 

Strides in Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment 

Aligning with the UN Foundation’s (UNF) focus on women’s health and economic empowerment programs across supply chains, PVH pledged our  Forward Fashion  priority to Empower Women as a public UNF commitment. Through our implementation of  Gap Inc.’s Personal Advancement Career Enhancement (P.A.C.E.) program, our teams are driving progress toward achieving the targets set forth in our Empower Women priority. This year we launched our first-ever P.A.C.E. community program in Ethiopia, benefiting communities near the Hawassa Industrial Park. 

Innovating for Circularity and Sustainability 

This year saw a marked focus on increasing our sustainable material usage across PVH, working to lessen our global material footprint, and highlighting innovators that are exploring key re-commerce opportunities.  

Additionally, alongside our partners at  Fashion for Good, our teams helped to facilitate and support more than 80 pilots to develop circular and/or sustainable materials. Tackling our industry’s biggest sustainability roadblocks – like plastic polybags  and pollution caused by wastewater  – PVH continues to join our peers in accelerating the fashion industry’s progress in circularity and sustainability efforts. 

Continued Education Across Our Organization and Supply Chain 

Our partnership with Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business establishes an academic hub for the study of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. Our partnership is not only intended to bridge the gap between industry and academia, but to invest in the education of Fordham’s talented students and support their development into the business leaders of tomorrow. 

Expanding education to our supply chain, we recently launched Recruit Ethically Training for all of our suppliers in 12 high-risk countries. Building upon our updated  Migrant Worker Policy  and enhanced risk assessments, this training furthers our progress toward proactively addressing and eradicating recruitment fees in supply chains.