History of inspiration.

The PVH Archives is a physical destination and digital platform created to protect and provide access to thousands of compelling historical assets of PVH Corp. and its iconic brands.

This landmark repository honors our past as a source of inspiration, and fuels connectivity by providing access to thousands of assets and enriching, curated content. We seek to reinforce each of our brand's DNA and infuse our future with an authenticity and character that is unique to the business conducted under each.

Creative Inspiration

Our brands’ apparel and marketing archives are an unparalleled and accessible design resource for our global teams.

History on Display

Our team curates multimedia installations of PVH’s impactful heritage, highlighting themes that amplify both our company DNA and our current values and priorities through engaging, immersive storytelling.


























Birth of a Business

Our founders, Moses and Endel Phillips, begin mending and selling shirts for coal miners in the Pottsville, PA area.

Expansion to New York
The M. Phillips & Son family business relocates to New York City.
First Big Merger
The Phillips’ business takes the name Phillips-Jones Corporation after merging with prominent shirt and collar maker, D. Jones & Son.
The Van Heusen Revolution
Phillips-Jones Corporation begins production of the patented, soft-folding Van Heusen collar, bringing greater comfort to men’s necks across the U.S.
Phillips-Jones Goes Public
Phillips-Jones Corporation is listed for trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
The Company Recalibrates
Seymour J. Phillips, grandson of the company's founders, becomes president and announces the “new Phillips-Jones,” a shift that embraced greater scientific research, quality control and advertising.
A Sense of Duty
Phillips-Jones Corporation manufactures shirts for U.S. and Allied troops during WWII, receiving an award for excellence in wartime production.
New Name, New Era
In honor of its best-selling shirt brand, Phillips-Jones Corporation changes its name to Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation.
Designer Name Dress Shirts
Phillips-Van Heusen launches Geoffrey Beene dress shirts, expanding into designer brand licensing and exponentially increasing consumer reach.
National Bestsellers
Van Heusen becomes the number one dress shirt brand in U.S. department stores.
Trailblazing Corporate Responsibility 
Phillips-Van Heusen formalizes its 110+ year philosophy of corporate responsibility into its code of conduct, “A Shared Commitment.”
IZOD Acquisition
Phillips-Van Heusen adds one of America’s top names in knit shirts, the IZOD brand, to its portfolio.
Van Heusen Worldwide
Phillips-Van Heusen acquires the rights to the Van Heusen trademark in Europe and Asia, giving it ownership of the brand worldwide.
Transformative Calvin Klein Acquisition
Phillips-Van Heusen acquires Calvin Klein, Inc., adding a globally recognized iconic fashion brand and marketing leader to its brand portfolio.
ARROW Acquisition
Phillips-Van Heusen acquires Cluett, Peabody & Co., Inc., owner of the ARROW brand, previously one of its largest competitors.
First CSR Report Goes Live

Phillips-Van Heusen publishes its first annual Corporate Social Responsibility report.

Acquisition of Global Lifestyle Brand Tommy Hilfiger
Phillips-Van Heusen acquires Tommy Hilfiger, one of the world’s leading premium lifestyle brands, and the company’s first large-scale direct operation in Europe.
Dynamic Corporate Identity

Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation changes its name to PVH Corp. to reflect the growth and change of the company with the acquisitions of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. 

Warnaco Fuels Global Growth
PVH Corp. enters the S&P 500 with the acquisition of The Warnaco Group, Inc., taking back ownership of the global jeans and underwear business operated under the Calvin Klein brand and acquiring direct operations in Asia and Latin America.
True & Co. Acquisition
PVH Corp. acquires True & Co., a Silicon Valley direct-to-consumer intimate apparel e-commerce retailer.
Geoffrey Beene Acquisition
PVH Corp. expands its Heritage Brands portfolio by acquiring the long-time licensed Geoffrey Beene brand.
Longest Listed Public Apparel Company

PVH celebrates 100 years on the New York Stock Exchange. We are one of only 26 companies and the only apparel company to mark its centennial on the NYSE.

Introduction of the PVH+ Plan
PVH introduced the PVH+ Plan, our multi-year, strategic growth plan, building Calvin Klein and TOMMY HILFIGER into the most desirable lifestyle brands in the world and to make PVH one of the highest performing brand groups in our sector.
Launch of Inclusion & Diversity Commitments
PVH launched our first official set of time-bound global Inclusion & Diversity Commitments as a critical next step in our ongoing efforts to foster an environment of inclusion, belonging and equity for all.