Inclusion & Diversity

PVH Corp., Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger Sign the Black in Fashion Council Pledge

PVH Corp., Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger have joined together to sign the Black in Fashion Council Pledge as part of our Be BRAAVE initiative to support the Black community to advance the company’s ongoing efforts to achieve equality and racial justice. The Black in Fashion Council (BIFC), was founded by Lindsay Peoples Wagner and Sandrine Charles, with the goals to build a new foundation for inclusivity, and to secure the advancement of Black individuals within the fashion and beauty industry.

PVH and our brands are committed to increasing representation and amplification of Black individuals across all levels of our organization and to examine within to see how we can create a more diverse and inclusive environment where every individual is valued and every voice is heard.

“As part of PVH’s commitment to fight for racial equality, we are proud to join the Black in Fashion Council to help secure the advancement of Black individuals in the fashion industry. We are holding ourselves accountable to create systemic changes and be transparent about our journey to build a more inclusive industry that better represents the diversity of our consumers – and the world we all live in,” said Manny Chirico, CEO and Chair of PVH Corp.

  • As a member of the Black in Fashion Council, which includes other industry leaders and changemakers, PVH, Calvin Klein and  Tommy Hilfiger commit to:

  • A three-year minimum partnership with the Black in Fashion Council to intricately demonstrate our commitment to the quality and inclusion of black people as part of the quality index score

  • Partnering with the BIFC Executive Board Members to implements inclusivity plans

  • Receive a progress report every three months to be transparent in our efforts

  • Participate in a D&I survey to create an equality index score which will be a benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices pertinent to the inclusivity of Black employees at fashion and beauty companies.

“We must take accountability for the lack of diversity and representation within our industry. As a brand, TOMMY HILFIGER is committed to creating fashion that welcomes everyone. That is why we are taking fundamental, long-term steps across all levels of our global business and value chain to ensure that BIPOC communities feel represented, heard, and welcomed. There is strength in unity and collaboration which is why we are proud to join the Black in Fashion Council alongside industry partners, to drive real, systemic change and create a better, more inclusive fashion industry,” said Martijn Hagman, CEO, Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe.

“The Black in Fashion Council is a much-needed resource that will be instrumental in increasing accountability around inclusion and diversity efforts in our industry. We are grateful to Lindsay, Sandrine and the entire Council for bringing this group together and addressing the systemic issues that have plagued the fashion industry for far too long. It is with deep respect that I sign this pledge on behalf of Calvin Klein and reaffirm our commitment to becoming a better, more diverse organization,” said Cheryl Abel-Hodges, CEO, Calvin Klein, Inc.

PVH, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger are committed to driving systemic change and to fight for racial equality – within the walls of our company, our industry, and our society. “Partnering and Pledging with BIFC executive board in the area of Human Resources, Talent Inclusion, Support, and Corporate Spend ensures organizations are not conveying empty promises for its black associates, but taking real action. There is power in numbers, and to influence genuine change, it’s imperative we come together as a collective force to hold ourselves and our industry peers accountable,” said Attallah Foucault, Senior Director Human Resources and Co-Chair of Building Resource for African American Voices and Empowerment (BRAAVE), a Business Resource Group.

Learn more about the Black in Fashion Council and our commitment to driving industry change here.