Committed to creating positive impacts and long-term change.

Corporate responsibility has always played a critical role within our broader business strategy. We strive to do the right thing for our people, our stakeholders, our communities and our planet. We are steadfast in our commitment to drive fashion forward – for good – by finding innovative and responsible solutions to protect our planet, cultivating an environment of inclusion, diversity and equity, and improving the lives of women and children in the global communities where we live and work.


Corporate Responsibility

Driving Fashion Forward

Our values as an organization and our longstanding commitment to corporate responsibility continue to drive our business

Inclusion & Diversity

Equity for All

Committed to strengthening our culture and fostering a great place to work for all

The PVH Foundation

Giving Back

Focused on improving the lives in the communities where we work and live


3 Pillars, 15 Priorities

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