From the Desk: Trish Donnelly

Trish Donnelly has joined as CEO, PVH Americas. Read below to get to know her:

Describe your new role in the PVH organization:

I’m joining PVH in the newly-created role of CEO, PVH Americas, overseeing the Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Heritage Brands businesses in the Americas and the global Calvin Klein brand.

What do you love most about what you do?

Our industry is an exciting and intriguing balance of art and science where data is critical but emotion plays a key role as well. I love collaborating with teams on brand, product and how we communicate these strengths in a brand-appropriate way to move the business forward. Ultimately, it’s about product, execution and messaging. The consumer tells you how well you’re doing - or not - which is why it’s critically important to respect the consumer in all phases of our strategy. When it all works and comes together, it is really fun, really exciting, and incredibly motivating for everyone involved.

What’s exciting about teamwork?

Everything. It’s how we win and it’s how we need to function. Communication and collaboration are key - as are transparency and honesty. We need to celebrate what works, as a team, and we need to course-correct opportunities, as a team. Bringing groups together to understand common goals is important - and there’s nothing more rewarding than celebrating successes with talented teams who make things happen!

What’s the biggest challenge facing the fashion/apparel industry?

Obviously, this past year has been incredibly challenging across many industries. The companies that have been successful had strong consumer connections, as well as strong balance sheets going into the pandemic. The more successful retailers pivoted quickly, distorted their energies into e-commerce growth and followed the consumers’ mindsets around the kind of product they were looking for. Challenges are opportunities that require us to look at things differently - and this drives change. Change and evolution are what keep us relevant. . .and relevance, particularly in our industry, is key to business growth.

What makes you optimistic about the future?

Same answer as above. . .everything! The Power of PVH makes anything possible. Consumers will still want to shop for strong products and participate with brands they are passionate about. How they actually shop may be different - but it’s our goal to watch the consumer and show up where they want to see us and how they want to interact with us.

What is the best advice you’ve been given throughout your career?

Be curious. Have tremendous respect for the consumer. Listen. Have empathy. Communicate clearly and often. Lead by example. Be humble. Embrace your strengths and understand your weaknesses. Be accountable.

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever given?

All of the above! To be honest, I didn’t get all of that advice from one person. Most of it was from observing people I’ve worked for or with, or those who’ve worked on my team. Professional leadership and development are never ‘complete.’ I’m learning every day from everyone around me, which I hope makes me stronger in what I do and how I do it.

How would you describe the Power of PVH - and what should we do about it?

PVH is successful and strong in its business because PVH cares about how it does business. The brands within PVH have such impressive histories and they continue to resonate with consumers globally. Although under one organization, each brand evokes a unique visual image, with unique consumer segments, allowing us to speak to a very diverse group of existing and potential consumers. There is huge strength and opportunity in that. I’m excited to work with our teams to build upon the exceptional foundation each brand has already built, leverage successes and win with the consumer through relevant product-centric and consumer-focused strategies.

Which of our core values - Individuality, Passion, Partnership, Integrity and Accountability - speaks most to you and how do you live that value?

That’s a difficult question as they are all so meaningful. Integrity probably jumps out as one that resonates most. Having a strong moral principle, being honest and upholding values is something any leader - and human being - should wholly embrace. I’m humbled and excited to join an organization where these values, as well as Inclusion & Diversity and Corporate Responsibility initiatives, are inherent and respected within the culture.

Fun facts people don’t know about you.

My family is everything. My husband and I have been together for 25+ years and our two kids are in college. I’m a big Premier League fan, love swapping Spotify playlists with my kids, spend a lot of time at MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art), can’t wait to get back to in-person NBA games, and my iPhone never leaves my side.