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Tommy Hilfiger Partners with the Compton Cowboys for Mentorship and Community Change Online Learning Course

Tommy Hilfiger is launching a free online course exploring mentorship and community change with the Compton Cowboys, a group of horseback riders using equestrian culture to positively influence inner-city youth and combat negative racial stereotypes in Compton, Los Angeles. With the shared belief that creating a better future begins with creating the best versions of ourselves, the course will be freely available on the platform across mobile, tablet and computer devices beginning March 29, 2021.

FutureLearn is transforming education with its meaningful course material, making online learning engaging, enjoyable and accessible. Through its thousands of courses taught by world-class universities and organizations including King’s College London and Johns Hopkins University, users can develop hobbies, new skills and career-changing expertise 100% remotely. The community mentorship course was researched, developed and shaped by a team of accredited subject matter experts to ensure it meets the highest educational standards.

This TOMMY HILFIGER FutureLearn course is designed to give anyone who wants to drive positive change in their community an understanding and blueprint of what mentorship and community change can be. Hosted by Randy Savvy from the Compton Cowboys, the course explores the power of mentorship through the lens of the personal stories and journeys of the Compton Cowboys, exploring the history of African American cowboys. The two-week course is designed to be completed at users' own pace.

In Week One:

  • Discover: Users learn what community mentorship means, and how it can look different to people around the world.

  • Explore: Randy shares the personal experiences that led the Compton Cowboys to become mentors and role models, conveying the power of mentorship for community change.

  • Dream: Randy shares the Compton Cowboys’ dream to reinforce that Black Lives Matter, and the importance of open minds on the journey towards change and understanding.

  • Reflect: Users reflect on what they have learned so far, and how this will support in shaping their own community mentorship journeys.

In Week Two:

  • Discuss: Users consider their personal experiences of mentorship and how their ideas are evolving based on what they’ve learned so far.

  • Challenge: Users learn to nurture passion for community change and advocacy, even in the face of challenges.

  • Action: Randy teaches how to turn ideas into positive action through self-belief and working together.

  • Wrap-Up: A short quiz tests users on what they’ve learned, and Randy closes the course with his final reflections.

To fully equip users with the tools and understanding needed to drive social change, Tommy Hilfiger has collaborated on four additional FutureLearn courses focused on body neutrality, sustainability, LGBTQIA+ allyship and intersectionality. Through the platform, users will have a safe space to explore diverse experiences, share their personal dreams and unique challenges. For more information on Tommy Hilfiger’s sustainability commitments, visit