Special Edition: @Home Pride Interview with Becca Love

Global Pride looks different this year, as celebrations around the world are taking on various forms due to the global pandemic. At PVH, we asked our LGBTQIA+ associates and their allies around the world to participate in a special edition @Home Interview Series to show their individuality and hear how they are celebrating Pride 2021.

Meet Becca, Archive Manager for Tommy Hilfiger.

How are you celebrating Pride this year?

I will be giving money to The Okra Project, The Sylvia Rivera Law Project, and G.L.I.T.S., as well as hopefully participating in the NYC Dyke March, NYC Queer Liberation March, and Bushwig Pride gathering in whatever form they take this year. Also, I will hopefully host a very small group of friends in my backyard for an intimate celebration of Queer life.

How has the WERK BRG (Well-connected, Equality, Resourceful, Knowledge Business Resource Group) influenced your experience at PVH?

WERK has provided a way for me to connect with other Queer-identified folks at PVH, and has opened up conversations about what the Queer experience can mean for different people and in different places. To work for a company that encourages challenging conversations feels like a move in the right direction. I want this to become the norm at PVH and at every company.

What does individuality mean to you?

Individuality means to be the most you. I like to say that I’m trying to be “ME”-er. Individuality is the unique style of living that we each bring and when more people embrace their individuality, it just allows everyone to get more real.