@Home Interview: Meghan Schulze on Making Social and Environmental Strides at PVH

In our “@Home Interview” series, we are highlighting our associates from around the world in their work-from-home environments, how they have adapted to our new ways of working, and what they are most looking forward to this year.

Meet Meghan, Communications Manager, Sustainability at Tommy Hilfiger

What excites you about Tommy Hilfiger’s Make It Possible strategy?

What I love about Make it Possible is the passion our associates have around it and how eager they are to do everything in their power to accomplish our targets. It’s been so exciting to see how associates have taken it upon themselves to drive real change within our organization. Associates are always coming up with new ideas on how to increase representation, reduce waste, leverage innovative materials, etc. No one is afraid to speak up!

As you are based in Amsterdam, where do you see Tommy Hilfiger and PVH Europe making strides in Corporate Responsibility (CR)?

Everywhere! Socially, we’re focused on providing resources to our associates to help drive more inclusivity, diversity and representation within our own organization, in addition to externally creating opportunities for BIPOC entrepreneurs and creatives.

Environmentally, we’re ensuring that sustainability is imbedded into every part of our business, while also reducing our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, using more sustainable materials in each collection and ensuring our designers are trained on 3D and circular design principles.

Looking ahead to the future, what are you most excited for about CR at PVH?

Our global teams are working more closely than ever before which is going to allow us to not only achieve our targets, but to drive real, impactful change both internally and externally. We’re stronger together and our future is BRIGHT!