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@Home Interview: Lance LaVergne on the Future of Inclusion & Diversity

In our “@Home Interview” series, we are highlighting our associates from around the world in their work-from-home environments, how they have adapted to our new ways of working, and what they are most looking forward to in this coming year.

Meet Lance LaVergne, Chief Diversity Officer & SVP, Global Talent Acquisition & Associate Experience at PVH

What do you see as the future of I&D at PVH? In the retail industry?

Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) will play a central role in the future of PVH, and the fashion industry at large. The demographics of our consumer base continue to evolve, representing an incredibly diverse array of tastes and interests. As a company and an industry, recognizing those shifts and providing products and experiences to meet those shifting consumer demographics will be essential to our success.

What are the key pillars needed to build a successful I&D framework?

PVH’s I&D framework centers around three fundamental pillars: workforce/workplace; market/consumers; communities/philanthropy. Each one is critically important to driving greater inclusion and diversity within an organization in particular, but also within the markets we compete in and the communities we serve. It all begins internally by creating an environment where people from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives can come together and contribute fully to the success of an organization. The diversity of your workforce, combined with the inclusion that enables people to fully contribute, is a significant competitive advantage.

Secondly, in order to win in the current retail landscape, particularly in a consumer-facing business, you need to understand the specific and unique needs of each consumer segment and deliver the products, services and experiences that resonate with them so that you become their provider of choice. Finally, it is incumbent upon companies to leverage the power and strength of their franchise to create opportunity for those who have historically been denied access, and to support the communities in which they live in and operate.

How is PVH making strides in the I&D space?

PVH is making tremendous strides in the realm of I&D. We have established global I&D commitments that cut across the three pillars of our framework and are representative of the full body of work were doing to advance inclusion and diversity. For example, we are rolling out unconscious bias training to all associates across the globe so that each of us understands the role we play in creating an inclusive work environment. We are investing an additional $10 million over the next four years to increase awareness and access around opportunities in the fashion industry for communities that are underrepresented. We are also expanding our BRGs to provide opportunities for members of different communities and their allies to come together. Because we recognize the importance I&D plays as a competitive business advantage, and we are working to embed those considerations in every aspect of our business.

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