Our Company

We are a company that is focused on global growth and brand building, while staying true to our core values.

PVH Corp. (“PVH”, the “Company,” “we,” “us” or “our”) made several acquisitions over a decade that have redefined the identity, performance and long-term growth potential of the Company – first with the successful acquisition of Calvin Klein in 2003, seven years later with the addition of Tommy Hilfiger, and most recently with the acquisition of The Warnaco Group, Inc. (“Warnaco”) in February 2013. Through these transformative acquisitions, we have secured our position as one of the largest branded lifestyle apparel companies in the world, with a diversified portfolio of iconic lifestyle apparel brands, led by Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. Together, these two brands represent over 75% of our business and are expected to continue to drive future revenue and profitability growth.

PVH has evolved from its 1881 roots to become a diversified global company with over $8 billion in 2014 revenues through a combination of strategic acquisitions and by successfully growing our brands globally across the wholesale, retail, e-commerce and licensing channels. We have transformed from a primarily North American menswear business to a global organization with significant operations in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America, and with Asia and Latin America now accounting for over 20%1 of our operating income. As a much larger organization, we continue to operate under our core business principles, which value leaders who hold the highest ethical standards, while also driving results across the business.

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PVH prides itself on being a dedicated global corporate citizen, with established operating platforms across the world. We leverage each region's infrastructure to grow our brands in established markets, expand in underdeveloped markets and enter new markets. With our global resources, we are focused on maximizing each of our brands’ market potential and turning that potential into positive financial returns for our stockholders.

1Excludes non-recurring and one-time items.

Our Strategy

PVH's strategy is to take our powerful global iconic lifestyle brands and maximize their brand potential and consumer reach while staying true to their unique brand DNA and core values. Central to our identity is a genuine commitment to corporate responsibility, a fundamental component of how we run our business that is directly linked to our strategies and practices.


Business Groups

We leverage our best-in-class global infrastructure, sourcing network, brand focused management and marketing teams to support each of our three business groups — Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Heritage Brands — through a strategic combination of wholesale, retail, e-commerce and licensing operations.


Global Growth

We are a company transformed, focused on continued global growth of our world-renowned designer lifestyle brands. By leveraging our best-in-class platforms, which encompass wholesale, retail, e-commerce and licensing operations, we seek to further penetrate our iconic lifestyle brands across new categories, existing markets and new markets. We believe that we have multiple growth opportunities driving worldwide retail sales of our Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Heritage Brands businesses.


Our Brands

We grow global brands. PVH leverages a diversified portfolio of brands – including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen, IZOD, ARROW, Speedo, Warner’s and Olga — and markets them globally. Our operational expertise, dedicated team of associates and leaders, and commitment to each brand's core values, allow us to gain market share as we pursue new markets and product categories globally.