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PVH Acquires Geoffrey Beene Brand

June 14, 2018

PVH Corp. has acquired Geoffrey Beene, which will now sit among the owned brands in our Heritage Brands business’s trademark portfolio.

PVH has licensed the Geoffrey Beene brand for over 35 years and has had a long, successful history marketing the brand, mainly for dress shirts but also including neckwear and, in the past, sportswear and a chain of outlet retail stores selling both men’s and women’s apparel. David Sirkin, President, Dress Furnishings Group, said the timing was right for the acquisition of the brand and provided a path for potential extensions of the brand. 

David noted that Geoffrey Beene is still a well-known and respected name to consumers and can be positioned as the “updated traditional” label in menswear that shoppers are looking for. “This is a great designer brand with an appealing and competitive price point for consumers looking for relevant fashion,” said Sirkin. 

Updates to current offerings are underway for Fall 2018. “The target consumer and style will be a little younger and faster than Beene has been in the past but you’ll also see the respect we have for the brand,” Sirkin described. 

Starting in Fall 2018, Geoffrey Beene dress shirts will be available at Kohl’s and J. C. Penney stores and on their websites.

PVH is also reviewing the existing license agreements for Geoffrey Beene

Mr. Beene’s relationship with PVH began with a men’s shirt license in 1982. Mr. Beene died in 2004.

As a company, PVH has an ongoing commitment to be a platform for iconic designer brands to grow, prosper and excite consumers, and this acquisition is another step in that strategy.