Our Approach


Our vision is to build Calvin Klein and TOMMY HILFIGER into the most desirable lifestyle brands in the world and make PVH one of the highest performing brand groups in our sector.  



We power brands that drive fashion forward for good.


Growth Drivers

Win with product

Win with consumer engagement

Win in the digitally-led marketplace

Develop a demand and data-driven operating model

Drive efficiencies and invest in growth



Individuality: be you

Partnership: work together

Passion: inspire and innovate

Integrity: do the right thing

Accountability: own it

Leadership Behaviors

Lead Yourself

Lead Together

Lead the Way

By unlocking your full potential

By working as one team

By creating an extraordinary future

Stay curious

Question, act, learn, grow. Embrace both every win and every challenge as a step forward. Learning is a journey that never ends.

Inspire Trust

Relationships rooted in trust deliver results. Be the person everyone wants to work with. Be authentic in what you say and what you do. 

Connect to consumers

Our consumers are at the center of everything we do. Anticipate where they are going. Getting to the core of who they are and what they need will shape our future.

Act with purpose

Be intentional. Start with why, set your direction, and move toward it every single day.

Cultivate belonging

We are stronger together. Our uniqueness fuels our collective power. Create and inclusive and safe culture for all to flourish.

Think Big

Think strategically beyond your day-to-day and never lose sight of the big picture. Imagine possibilities beyond boundaries to make maximum impact.

Be courageous

Take on the unknown. Stay true to your values. Speak up and be heard.

Collaborate to win

Co-creation drives innovation. We know that together we are greater than the sum of our parts. We succeed when we have each others' backs.

Make informed decisions

Data is your key to success. Strong judgment allows us to move quickly. So follow your instincts and back it up with your brain.

Take ownership

See the challenge and go all in. Drive your work with confidence. Deliver excellence.

Learn together

Reaching the next level requires development. Coach, champion, and encourage feedback from around you. Every time one of us succeeds, we all win.

Adapt fast

The world is changing and we need to stay one step ahead. Think fast, change faster. Let the unknown fuel your creativity.