Supporting Our Sourcing Communities

Supporting the communities
where our products are made.

Supporting the communities where we source our products is not only the right thing to do, it is also vital to operating successfully in these regions. We seek to create positive impacts for the communities where we work through partnerships with both global organizations and local non-profits.

Supporting early education in China with Save the Children

In 2015, we expanded our support of Save the Children’s early education programming to include China, our largest sourcing country with more than 800 factories. China’s economy has grown rapidly in recent years, yet more than 130 million people still live in abject poverty according to the World Bank. And with millions of migrants moving to cities to find work, many children are either on the move or left behind in their native villages and lack access to a consistent, high quality education.

We aim to reach nearly 12,000 children through our support of Save the Children’s Early Childhood Development program in Shanghai. These efforts will include raising awareness of the importance of education among local communities, training kindergarten teachers and providing learning materials.

Taking an active role in our supply chain hub offices

With help from The PVH Foundation, our Global Supply Chain (“GSC”) teams collaborate with local non-profit partners in eight key sourcing hubs – China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Kenya and Egypt. Engaging with communities is key to our approach in these localities. In 2015, GSC teams invested approximately $95,000 in community initiatives and contributed their time and energy to on-site volunteer activities, as well.

2015 Sourcing Community Highlights

"Reaching children with high quality education is vital in their early, formative years. It lays the foundation for cognitive, social and language skills, and healthy development to adulthood. With the support of PVH, we aim to help create a brighter future for children in China."

- Pia MacRae
Country Director, Save the Children China

In Bangladesh, we continued our partnership with Save the Children and key vendors to provide childcare and education for children in our garment factory communities. We now support 37 pre-schools and three parenting resource centers. In 2015, our Dhaka-based associates had the opportunity to visit the schools and witness the impact of the program first-hand.

We held a “Children’s Day” at the Shanghai Children’s Home with games, art projects and treats. SCH provides a warm and caring environment for children that have been abandoned due to disability.

In Bangalore, India, we continued our support of the Christel House, a school for more than 1,300 impoverished children, and lent a hand with their annual student elections. Providing education for children in India is vital to improving their prospects, with less than 10% of students graduating from high school.

We helped to keep the Indonesian Street Children Organization’s Jakarta center running by coming together to repair the facility from rainy season damage. By providing underprivileged children with education, ISCO is helping them to escape poverty and lead a more fulfilling life.

We spent a day at the Orman orphanage in Egypt and donated multimedia equipment to support the educational development of the children.

In Sri Lanka, we supported Ma Sevana’s efforts to rehabilitate and empower teenage girls who become pregnant as a result of sexual abuse. Through education, emotional support and medical care, Ma Sevana helps these young mothers to re-enter the community and move forward with their lives.

We held games and face-painting activities at an orphanage run by the Kenya Children’s Home, which helps 1,700 abandoned and orphaned children annually by providing them with shelter and education.

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