CR Governance & Legal Compliance

Embedding CR throughout our organization.

Oversight of the CR program starts at the highest level, with the PVH Board of Directors and the PVH leadership team. Our CR Committee, comprised of three independent Directors, advises management and the Board on policies and strategies that affect our role as a socially responsible organization. The Committee monitors our policies and performance on social, employment, environmental and other issues, and meets regularly with management.

Clear lines of accountability for CR exist throughout our organization. Our Chief Risk Officer, Melanie Steiner, directs the development and implementation of our global CR strategy. She reports to our Chief Operating & Financial Officer, Mike Shaffer, and is supported by our Group Vice President of CR, Marissa Pagnani, who manages a team of nearly 60 CR associates in 10 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas. The CR team works closely with divisions across PVH to embed CR considerations throughout our operations.

We are committed to maintaining the highest moral, ethical and legal standards in our business. PVH Legal, led by Mark Fischer, our General Counsel, oversees compliance issues, ensuring that we remain up-to-date on relevant social and environmental legislation in the countries where we operate. We require that all PVH associates, as well as PVH Board members, participate in PVH Complies, our compliance training program consisting of online courses on key topics including our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies and legislation, insider trading and conflicts of interest. It is designed to be engaging, informative and easy-to-use to ensure understanding and encourage compliance. In addition, the PVH Legal team provides in-person training around the globe in local languages to address these issues and policies, as well as related matters and policies specific to various regions and parts of our operations.

Associates, subject to certain legal limitations, can report any suspected policy violations, inappropriate behavior and unethical practices via tell PVH, our global reporting hotline. Reports, in most instances, can be made anonymously either online or by phone in any of 15 languages.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of nearly 60 CR associates in 10 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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