Inclusion & Diversity

Creating an inclusive work environment
where every individual is valued.

At PVH, we value an inclusive workplace that drives growth, success, performance and creativity. It is important that we remain committed to strengthening our culture as we grow, and creating an inclusive environment where every individual is valued.

As part of this effort, we are building on our Core Values to bring an added focus on inclusion and diversity, which will allow us to maintain our vibrant culture by embracing and supporting unique backgrounds and perspectives. To support this, we have launched an Inclusion and Diversity Council, initially in the U.S., focused on positioning PVH as a world-class global corporation that attracts and grows diverse talent. Our current focus areas for inclusion and diversity are:

  • Talent Practices – We are taking steps to ensure that our hiring, promotion, evaluation and remuneration practices are fair and free from bias.
  • Education and Awareness – We have created an Inclusion and Diversity Academy as part of PVH University. Associates can learn about the benefits of inclusion and diversity through classroom and online training.
  • Business Resource Groups – Business Resource Groups are voluntary, associate-led affinity groups that share commonalities and support our business goals. By establishing such groups across race, gender, culture and age, we seek to foster inclusion and help develop future leaders.

In 2015, we formed our first Business Resource Group – the Women’s Leadership Council – to support women on their leadership journey. The Council was initiated in the U.S. and consists of female executives who focus on leadership development, growing emerging talent and breaking down silos. We also reinforced our commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment by signing the United Nation’s Women’s Empowerment Principles – guidelines designed to help enable women in every walk of life to participate fully in the global economy.

In the coming year, we will take further steps to integrate inclusive practices across the business, support the development of additional Business Resource Groups and measure our inclusion and diversity performance. We plan to provide training for all associate levels and launch an inclusion and diversity “champions” program in the U.S. to further incentivize learning on this subject.

"The world around us is changing dramatically. Demographics are changing within our consumer and associate populations. We are more ethnically diverse. We are more culturally diverse. I believe PVH is an inclusive culture where everyone is valued and can be themselves. Embracing Inclusion and Diversity is vital to our success."

- Manny Chirico
Chairman and CEO, PVH

{ "title": "GENDER AND ETHNICITY TRENDS, U.S. ASSOCIATES (%)", "subtitle" : "DIVERSITY ANALYSIS", "series" : [{ "name" : "Analysis", "data" : [ { "name": "MINORITY FEMALE", "description":"", "y": 34, "color":"#BB330E", "legendIndex": 0 }, { "name": "WHITE FEMALE", "description":"", "y": 27, "color":"#E64011", "legendIndex": 1 }, { "name": "MINORITY MALE", "description":"", "y": 23, "color":"#FF7749", "legendIndex": 2 }, { "name": "WHITE MALE", "description":"", "y": 16, "color":"#FFC0A1", "legendIndex": 3 } ] }] }
{ "title": "GENDER AND ETHNICITY TRENDS, U.S. ASSOCIATES (%)", "subtitle" : "DIVERSITY REPRESENTATION: BY LEVEL - 2015", "categories" : ["VP+", "DIRECTOR", "MANAGER","INIDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTOR"], "series":[{ "name" : "WHITE MALE", "description":"", "data" : [44,29,21,14], "color":"#FFC0A1", "dataLabels": {"y":30}, "legendIndex": 3 },{ "name" : "MINORITY MALE", "description":"", "data" : [5,7,11,25], "color":"#FF7749", "dataLabels": {"y":-30}, "legendIndex": 2 },{ "name" : "WHITE FEMALE", "description":"", "data" : [46,48,47,25], "color":"#E64011", "dataLabels": {"y":30}, "legendIndex": 1 },{ "name" : "MINORITY FEMALE", "description":"", "data" : [5,16,21,36], "color":"#BB330E", "dataLabels": {"y":-30}, "legendIndex": 0 }] }
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Creating an inclusive environment where every individual is valued. Be You!

Confronting unconscious bias

The human brain creates “shortcuts” to deal with the constant stream of information it encounters each day, which helps individuals remain efficient and productive. However, shortcuts based on generalizations about others can affect people’s understanding of certain groups, creating unconsciously biased attitudes. In 2015, we made “Confronting Unconscious Bias” the first course in the Inclusion and Diversity Academy of PVH University. We launched the course with more than 300 senior leaders in the U.S., including those reporting to our Chairman and CEO, Manny Chirico, who played an active role in introducing the course. The course helped leaders to identify deeply ingrained biases, with participants remarking how eye-opening and important it was. The course is now mandatory for all U.S.-based leaders and is being rolled out internationally. Importantly, we are following up with participants regularly to understand how they are applying their discoveries in their roles and daily interactions.

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