Our Benefits

We are committed to providing our associates
with a competitive and comprehensive benefits

At PVH, we understand that the success of our organization is directly related to our hardworking and dedicated associates who contribute their time and talents to help make our Company the success it is. That is why we are committed to providing a competitive and comprehensive benefits program that offers the protection, peace of mind and flexibility designed to support our associates – both at home and at work. While benefits may vary by region, our program is based on four important pillars.

Positive Work Environments

We pride ourselves on being a great company to work for. We believe in creating positive work environments, which leads to a happier, more fulfilled, and more effective associate base. PVH offers a competitive number of paid holidays and paid time off (vacation) days so that our associates can balance their home / family lives with their careers. Many of our offices also offer seasonal hours and / or flexible work schedules, or additional resources to enable our associates to balance their work and personal lives.

Maintaining Health & Wellness

PVH is committed to the health and wellness of our associates. Our benefits include medical insurance, life insurance and domestic partner benefits (with benefits varying by location). We also operate a Corporate Wellness Program, which engages associates with fitness, nutrition and health-oriented seminars and activities.

Planning For The Future

We believe that our associates should be well-positioned financially – during their work lives at PVH and for life after work. We offer retirement and savings programs that will help them prepare for a more secure financial future (plans vary by region).

Additional Perks

PVH strives to offer its associates an array of benefits. This includes discounts on our clothing brands, negotiated discounts with local and national businesses and associate referral bonus programs. We also feel strongly about providing opportunities for our associates to learn and grow professionally. Accordingly, we offer college scholarships for children of associates, educational assistance programs and learning and development opportunities to enrich the careers of our associates (with specific offerings varying by region).

Note: Benefits vary by geographic region and location.