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April 20, 2018

Water is essential to life on Earth and, at PVH, we stand committed to doing our part to make sure this resource remains accessible and available around the world.

We announced this week that PVH and World Wildlife Fund (WWF), a leading conservation organization, are embarking on a three-year partnership to support water stewardship efforts in key sourcing communities.

This work with WWF will focus on efforts to conserve freshwater resources in Ethiopia’s Lake Hawassa, China’s Taihu River, Vietnam’s Mekong River and India’s Cauvery River basins.

This complements the Company’s overarching Corporate Responsibility Commitment to safeguard and conserve water.

Apparel production, beginning with cotton growing and manufacturing, consumes and has the potential to contaminate a lot of water. PVH strives to be a good steward and leader in promoting responsible use.

The Company’s water strategy focuses on responsibly managing water use in PVH facilities, throughout our supply chain, at the production level and within our sourcing communities.

Specifically, PVH and WWF will work together to help conserve freshwater resources in Ethiopia’s Lake Hawassa and India’s Cauvery River basins. This work builds on existing collaborative efforts we have with WWF in China and Vietnam.

Tommy Hilfiger began working with WWF in 2015 and will continue this partnership, focusing on China’s Taihu River and Vietnam’s Mekong River basins, key locations where Tommy Hilfiger has production that were identified as high-risk in a global water-risk assessment conducted for PVH by WWF and where strong progress has already been made.

Our Heritage Brands business, which includes the Van Heusen, IZOD and ARROW brands, among others, will lead the company’s water stewardship efforts in Hawassa, Ethiopia. A PVH joint venture is an anchor tenant in the newly constructed Hawassa Industrial Park and the partnership with WWF will leverage existing collaborative efforts with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit’s (GIZ) International Water Stewardship Programme (IWaSP), to make positive impacts on water sustainability beyond the park’s fences.

Calvin Klein, along with local partners, will lead the work in Cauvery, India, a location known globally for textile production. The work done there will aim to understand the local context and build impactful collaborations with key stakeholders that will reduce water-stress on the environment, people and economy.

Additionally, PVH and CEO Emanuel (Manny) Chirico have signed on to the UN CEO Water Mandate commitment and have embarked on a global water-risk analysis.

To learn more about all of PVH’s Corporate Responsibility commitments, click here.