Bill McRaith
Chief Supply Chain Officer

Bill McRaith is the Chief Supply Chain Officer for PVH. Based at the company's New York City headquarters, Bill oversees the Company's global supply chain operations and is responsible for developing global production systems to service the needs of all PVH retail and wholesale divisions. Beginning in February 2015, Bill also assumed the responsibility of overseeing PVH's Logistics Services. Bill's group leverages corporate strengths for buying, cost management and handles all production activities to ensure timely delivery of apparel products.

Before joining PVH, Bill served as Senior Vice President of Global Sourcing at Wal-Mart. Prior to that, he was Senior Vice President of Product Development and Supply Chain Operations with Spiegel Brands. Earlier in his career, Bill served as Executive Vice President of Manufacturing, Sourcing and Product Development for Limited Brands. Bill was also recruited to Warnaco as Vice President of Manufacturing in Hong Kong, and in a short time was promoted to Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations.

Bill is a native of Scotland and attended Kirkcaldy & Glenrothes Technical College where he received his IMS certificate. He also attended the Harry Mitchell & Partners School of Management Service Method Study Certificate, CAPITB General Managers Course and the Marks & Spencer Ashridge College Production Managers Training Course. Bill is currently a member of the Board of Directors for the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) and also serves on the F.I.T. International Trade & Marketing Advisory Board.

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